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What makes good SEO?

Author, Hayden Russell
January 4, 2023

30 Sec Answer: Good SEO involves optimizing your website for the right keywords, creating quality content that’s easy to read and navigate, using meta tags and alt text on images, building backlinks from other websites, and regularly auditing your pages.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s ranking in search engine results. It’s all about getting organic traffic from search engines like Google or Bing by optimizing various elements of your website for relevance and authority.

Good SEO can help you get more visitors, higher conversion rates, and better ROI for your business. It’s an essential part of any digital marketing strategy because it helps people find you online when they are looking for something specific.

Why Is Good SEO Important?

Good SEO is important because it makes your website easier to find and rank in search engine results. When done properly, it can result in increased visibility and traffic to your website. This leads to better brand recognition and credibility, as well as more leads and sales.

It also helps improve user experience since optimized websites are faster, easier to use, and more informative than those that aren’t optimized. This means users spend more time on your site which boosts engagement and loyalty – both factors that contribute to higher rankings.

What Makes Good SEO?

There are several key components that make up good SEO. Here are some of the most important ones:

Keyword Research & Targeting

Keywords are at the core of SEO success. The right keywords should be used throughout your website including titles, headings, body copy, URLs, etc. Researching relevant keywords for your target audience is essential so you know what words to include in order to optimize your website.

Quality Content Creation

Creating quality content that appeals to your target audience is critical for good SEO success. Your content needs to be original, informative, engaging, shareable, and interesting enough to encourage readers to stay longer on your page or visit other pages on your website. It should also include keywords strategically placed throughout the content.

Meta Tags & Alt Text

Meta tags provide additional information about each page of your website such as its title, description, and language. They act as shortcuts telling search engines what a particular web page is about which increases its chances of appearing in relevant search results. Using keyword-rich alt text on images also helps boost visibility in image searches too.

Link Building

Link building involves getting links from other high-authority websites pointing back to yours which helps with boosting your rankings in search results. There are a variety of ways you can do this including writing guest blog posts on other sites, offering discounts or incentives in exchange for links from popular influencers or industry leaders, sharing content through social media channels with relevant hashtags included in them etc..

Website Auditing & Monitoring

Regularly auditing and monitoring your pages is crucial for maintaining good SEO standards over time as this allows you to identify areas where improvements need to be made as well as track how well certain strategies are working. It also helps ensure that any changes made have positive impacts on rankings rather than detrimental ones.


Good SEO requires a lot of work but it can pay off significantly if done correctly – resulting in improved rankings leading to more visitors, better user experience leading to higher conversion rates, increased brand recognition & loyalty plus better ROI overall!

About the Author:


My name is Hayden Russell. I am the owner of Revenue Raccoon which is a digital marketing agency near Fort Worth, TX. I've been involved with some form of internet marketing since I was 10 years old making money through a semi-viral YouTube video that I made. This got me hooked on making money through the internet. Nowadays, I focus on helping local businesses use the power of Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEM) to efficiently generate more demand for their business. Some examples of companies I've worked with are Moody AC Repair and LeadEasily.

While some claim to get quick wins with SEO they are often using blackhat tactics that will end up wreaking havoc on your site's rankings. I don't cut corners or use shady tricks. I do things the hard way and get my clients long-lasting results.

Owner, Revenue Raccoon

Hayden Russell

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