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Let's be honest, you're here because of a negative reputation. We can help!

Maybe your business has been on the news for all the wrong reasons or someone just wants to see you fail and is writing bad reviews about you online every chance they get. Rest easy knowing we have helped many businesses like yours before.

Revenue Raccoon is here to help! We're a reputation management company that specializes in removing and pushing down negative news articles, reviews, images, videos, etc. Get started today by scheduling a free strategy call.

We push down unwanted search results by posting positive articles and backlinks. This has been an effective technique, as we've found that more people Google for our promoted links according to our specified business model - which, in turn, boosts revenue.

Client's Story:

Let me tell you about one of our clients. Of course, we don't want to use his real name so let's just call him John Smith. John Smith had been arrested in the past. A mugshot website decided to post his information online and John thought that there was nothing he could do about it. However, he reached out to us at Revenue Raccoon, and by publishing lots of positive articles about him and performing negative SEO on the negative site we were able to take care of his problem. We pushed the website from #3 for searches for his name to #101+. This means that virtually no one will ever see his mugshot online. It goes without saying that John Smith is very happy now

What is reputation management?

A person or company's reputation can go from great to horrible in a short amount of time due to Google results. The reputation management team is responsible for dealing with this public opinion, which often affects how people view you and/or your company. This could affect your employment or your bottom-line.

In today's society where our opinions are judged on sites such as Facebook and Twitter it has become increasingly important to have an effective Online Reputation Management (ORM) campaign that will influence what potential customers think about your brand before they make a purchase decision.

Revenue Raccoon offers reputation management services for individuals as well as companies. We help remove negative search results so you can get on with your life without worrying about negative press or websites keeping you from opportunities.

How does ORM work?

Step 1: Revenue Raccoon will research to find any negative comments, reviews and articles about you or your company. We then remove these results from the search engines so that they do not come up in Google when someone searches for your name/brand.

Step 2: We push down negatives so there are no distractions during their journey of discovery. When a potential customer is searching for information on you or your company they will only see positive reviews and articles.

What makes reputation management with us worth it?

Revenue Raccoon has been helping individuals maintain reputation for years. Our reputation speaks for itself! As one of the most affordable ORM companies, we have seen how online reputation goes beyond just Google and social media and now includes reviewing websites such as Yelp & TripAdvisor. We know the ins and outs of these site's algorithms and can... cough cough... manipulate them a bit.

While many ORM companies could charge upwards of $5000 per month, Revenue Raccoon focuses on the fundamentals. You know, jump shot, layup, slam dunk. We don't need to overcomplicate things.

We have helped many companies push down negative search results and remove reputation damaging content from their profile pages (i.e., Yelp). Our affordable ORM packages can also help you manage your reputation on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and push down negative results on Google.

In addition to reputation management, Revenue Raccoon has an SEO arm that can help you rank higher in search results and make your website more attractive. We like to think of it as a full-service branch off the main company's reputation tree.

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