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An Influencer Agency that invests in you!

I just thought it was ridiculous how many influencers are paying large sums of money to have their business relations managed without any guaranteed returns. So I set out to create a management service based on a commision structure. We only make money if we make you more money.
— Hayden Russell
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What is Influencer Management?
Social media influencers are often faced with many issues when trying to make money from their social platforms. Influencers have trouble keeping up with the hoards of emails or don't know how to negotiate fair rates for sponsorships. We will assist you with everything business-related. In addition, we see ourselves as Venture Capitalists for influencers. We actively seek out new opportunities or build businesses from the ground up to maximize your earning potential.
What do you mean by "Invest in me?"
While many managers simply handle negotiations and correspondence between sponsors and their clients we take it many steps further. In addition to this, we identify business opportunities that fit your personal brand and build them alongside you. We take huge risks for our influencers by working hundreds of hours for free. However, we know that our work plants the seed for a thriving online business. Much in the same way a venture capitalist (VC) would give a startup millions of dollars in exchange for equity in the business we offer influencers our labor, resources, and sometimes money in exchange for a revenue share agreement.

Our Process

Step 0: Are you a good fit?
We take on tremendous risk when signing a new client. We determine client fit by evaluating business prospects, client amenability, and startup costs/risk. However, we can find room for most influencers so don't be afraid to sign up. I always like to sit down for a Zoom meeting with my prospective clients. Through this meeting we can discuss your current strategies and potential future strategies. This is also a great chance to get to know each other and see if we would like to work together.
Step 1: Consultation/Planning
After we start working together I immediately start planning strategies to drive social and revenue growth. Improving affiliate conversion rates, cold emailing potential sponsors, and building a personal website with helpful information for affiliates/sponsors are all at the top of the list. Additionally, planning for longer-term monetization methods is crucial to significantly growing your earnings (which is the whole reason you would hire us!).
Step 2: Implementation and ongoing work
The next step is when we actually implement our ideas. This varies drastically from one influencer to another.

Do I Qualify?

What are your basic requirements to Qualify?
We typically only consider influencers with above 20K followers on their largest channel. However, if you have a unique vertical or intensely devoted audience we encourage you to apply. Worst case scenario you get some business/marketing advice out of our meeting!
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