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Justin Carlson, RealClean Owner

Justin Carlson

Owner, RealClean Las Vegas
“Wow, you are a bad ass!
Texas AC Repair Business

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Owner, Moody AC
“He did everything perfectly and made the website work like it is supposed to. Give him a try. You wont regret it.”
Heike Ziegler

Heike Ziegler

Executive Director, LeadEasily
“It’s a lot of fun working with Hayden. The service is very professional, personal, customer- and solution-oriented. I will be happy to work with Hayden on a regular basis.”

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Hayden Russell, Fort Worth SEO Expert
Founder, CEO

Hayden Russell

I've lived in the greater Fort Worth area my entire life and love that I get to help local Fort Worth businesses grow and thrive through the power of SEO.

Do you have a business in Fort Worth, TX? Do you know what SEO stands for? If not, it's the process of making sure that your website shows up when people search for services or products in Fort Worth. This ensures that customers will be able to find you and ultimately increases the amount of revenue your company can make! In this post, I'll break down how local SEO works and show you some best practices to help boost your rankings on Google.

Why your business needs SEO:

  • If your website doesn't show up in the results when people search for Fort Worth businesses, then potential customers will never find you.
  • When someone searches a keyword that relates to what you offer and they don't see your company's site come up on page one of Google, it can have an impact on whether or not they give your business a call.
  • The more visits you get from local searches (i.e., "Fort Worth SEO" versus "SEO") means more leads and sales opportunities because these visitors are looking specifically for services like yours!

How does SEO work?

SEO is all about getting as high of a ranking as possible with relevant keywords so that other websites link to you and your site.

Many people don't realize that they're already using local search all the time - without knowing it! Think of when you use Google Maps to find directions from one place to another; this is an example of how integrated local searches are into our lives. The more we rely on mobile devices for information access, the more important it becomes to make sure that your company's website ranks well locally so that potential customers can find you with ease anywhere they go.

You can start by analyzing what keywords your potential customers are using to search for Fort Worth businesses in general, then adding those keywords into the metadata of all of your pages so that Google will pick up on them.

If you're a small business owner with only one location or local service provider (a plumber), most people would type "plumber near me" when looking for an approximate address of where they live. Someone might also type "Fort Worth SEO Company", which is why it's important to make sure these specific phrases are keyword-rich as well!

Isn't SEO expensive?

SEO can be quite expensive especially in such a large city like Fort Worth, but there are ways to get started on a budget.

If you have your own website, then it's a good idea to invest in keywords and phrases that will be relevant for the long term as well as short-term in order to attract more customers online. That means making sure all of your pages include these key terms! It might sound difficult but there are tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Wordtracker which can help with this process by giving suggestions based on what people are searching for at any given time.

Otherwise, if you don't have access to those programs, start small by targeting smaller cities close by - you most likely have many smaller cities within your service area to start targeting instead of just Fort Worth, TX.

Do you offer any guarantees?

SEO is a very complicated endeavor and any business that can offer you an exact time in which your website will rank is probably lying to you. We always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy with the work we've done, just send us an email and we'll try to fix everything to your satisfaction and halt your SEO plan.

How can I be sure that you are a trustworthy SEO company?

Revenue Raccoon is a business that values customer testimonials and reviews. Just take a look at our "reviews" page and we know that you'll be happy with what you see.

What does SEO involve for my business?

The SEO process will be different for every business in Fort Worth, TX. It's important to know what your competition is doing so you can keep up with them and not fall behind! If you want a free consultation about how we could help your company gain more exposure online, please contact us today. We're ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about our services - just give us a call. The best practice adoption of all these tips should lead to increased rankings on Google over time. Keep an eye on the analytics to see how your site's traffic changes over time.

Is Fort Worth a good city for local SEO?

Fort Worth is a very large city with tons of potential customers waiting to be found. With the right local SEO, any business in Fort Worth can find a way to rank higher on Google and increase their chances of being found by more customers.

43% of people living here are employed, so there's an excellent chance that many locals use online resources as part of their daily routines. This makes it easier for your company to be discovered when someone is looking for services or products in this area!

Again, Fort Worth has over 800 thousand people which means lots and lots of potential customers who need what you sell! Local SEO can help make sure those hundreds (or even thousands!) of possible clients know about your company and come through your doors whenever they're ready to purchase something new. But don't worry! If you only have a small budget, there are many ways to do this without breaking the bank.

Some of these things include:

- Creating an outstanding website and content that's optimized for search engine rankings, with keywords related specifically to your industry or business.

- Listing on Google My Business so potential customers can find you even easier when searching Fort Worth businesses online! It doesn't cost anything extra and it'll help establish trust in case someone is hesitant about giving your company their information (plus if they're a new customer!)

Do you offer any other services besides SEO?

Yes, we are a full-service digital marketing agency!

  • Search engine optimization:

This is the process of making sure that your website shows up when people search for services or products in Fort Worth. This ensures that customers will be able to find you and ultimately increases the amount of revenue your company can make! In this post, I'll break down how local SEO works and show you some best practices to help boost your rankings on Google.

  • Social media marketing:

Social media has become a huge part of modern life - with millions upon millions of users all over the world. If you're not using social media as a way to promote yourself, then someone else is doing it for you! With so much at stake, now's not too late to get started.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

We also offer PPC services. With PPC, you pay for each user click on your website. This practice helps business owners to reach new customers and promote their products or services easily online in a cost-effective manner.

  • Web Design:

Web design is another service that we offer. We'll help you build a website for your business - from the ground up!

"I'm convinced, how do I get started?"

Well, just simply give us a call! We'll talk about your needs and find the best solution for you.

So, if it sounds like a Fort Worth SEO company could help with your business, give us a call! (903) 347-3414| hayden@revenueraccoon.com

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While every business is unique with its own sets of challenges, here is some common pricing that we adhere to. Make sure to give us a call to get a custom quote.


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Local SEO: What You Need to Know in Fort Worth, TX

Do you have a business in Fort Worth, TX? Do you know what SEO stands for? If not, it's the process of making sure that your website shows up when people search for services or products in Fort Worth. This ensures that customers will be able to find you and ultimately increases the amount of revenue your company can make! In this post, I'll break down how local SEO works and show you some best practices to help boost your rankings on Google.

Local SEO: The Basics

If you're running a business in Fort Worth, TX, it's important that your website ranks well on Google. This can be difficult and time-consuming without the right knowledge or guidance. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help with Fort Worth SEO! One resource is local search engine optimization (SEO). Local SEO uses specific strategies to rank websites higher in their geographical location for searches related to businesses like yours. And because "local" refers only to where people physically live and not necessarily where they might work or go out, this kind of SEO also includes techniques such as mapping listings for nearby real estate agents to show up when customers look online for homes near a city center.

The most basic form of local SEO is location-based SEO. Location-based SEO is the process of optimizing your website to show up in local search engine results for relevant searches that include geographic information, like "Fort Worth." If you live and work in Fort Worth but are an accountant who only deals with clients outside of town, then this type of optimization won't do much good for you!

Local search engine optimization also includes a component called social media marketing (SMM). SMM involves using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your company's reputation online by interacting with customers through these platforms. This goes hand-in-hand with another form of local internet marketing: blogging.

Blogging can be used not just as a way to engage potential or current customers on subjects related to your work, but also to improve your SEO and gain more clients/customers. By posting more often your website will start to generate more traffic, which will consequently lead to higher rankings and more revenue.

What are the unique aspects of SEO in Fort Worth, TX?

Fort Worth is a decent-sized city with a population of around 100 thousand people. This means that it is populated enough for a business to thrive, but not so populated that SEO is overly difficult.

Fort Worth is a rapidly growing town. It already has a decent size population that can support many small-medium businesses. However, Fort Worth has very low SEO competition right now. If your business is based in Fort Worth, get in on the ground floor for your target keywords while you can.

If you are trying to rank for a local keyword in Fort Worth you will be competing directly with your local competitors. This means you have to work harder than other companies by implementing a strong SEO strategy as soon as possible!

Local search marketing can also provide some advantages over national advertising because people in smaller cities prefer local retailers who support their community instead of big box stores like Walmart. They appreciate personalized service from small business owners they know rather than faceless corporations with no personality behind them. As such, SEO in Fort Worth is an excellent marketing strategy that will help you better connect with your customers!

So, if you hire a talented and smart SEO agency before your competitors do you will have the upper hand and will dominate Fort Worth.

Why should we hire Revenue Raccoon?

Revenue Raccoon is the best digital marketing agency in Fort Worth. We help businesses dominate their local market and generate calls, clicks, and customers. Our team of experts will create a custom plan that's perfect for your business needs.

You'll be able to focus on what matters most - running your business! We handle all the work so you can take care of what really matters- growing your business! Don't waste time trying out other agencies or doing it yourself when we can do it better than anyone else! With our help, you'll get more customers and generate more revenue from day one. Get started with our free consultation today!

Isn't SEO a big investment?

Yes, SEO can be more expensive upfront when compared to paid advertising. When you do the math SEO always saves you money in the long run. See, we're going to focus on what Fort Worth’s business owners really want. We'll be sure your site is search engine-friendly and that it ranks for the keywords Fort Worth businesses need like "SEO Agency in Fort Worth."

Can you work with my budget?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being able to provide affordable SEO services for local Fort Worth businesses. We know that not every business can fork over thousands per month for their online marketing so we've got you covered.

Maybe you're a small business owner who's just starting out and you've got big dreams. Chances are, you're not an SEO expert. And while that can be okay for some businesses, it doesn't work as well in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). So how do you get noticed by people looking for your products or services online?

A good SEO strategy is one of the most important things to grow your business online. Revenue Raccoon will help with this so you can focus on what matters - running your business! We'll create a tailored SEO strategy based on what works best for your company so that we can ensure we meet all of our goals together!

What's next?

We'll work with your business to create a tailored SEO strategy that includes on-site optimization, local citation building, and social media marketing campaigns. This will ensure that your business is properly optimized for search engines so you can see the results in traffic spikes!


Fort Worth is a gem of a city because it has a decent population size with relatively low SEO competition. If you have any interest in marketing your business online, we recommend that you shift some of your marketing budget to digital marketing and specifically search engine optimization (SEO). This will not only save you money but also help grow the bottom line over time. We can walk through this process together and answer any questions for free-no strings attached! Just click on the button above to schedule a call with our CEO. Our CEO, Hayden Russell, would be happy to chat about how we can get actual results for your business.

Do you have a business in Fort Worth, TX? Do you know what SEO stands for? If not, it's the process of making sure that your website shows up when people search for services or products in Fort Worth. This ensures that customers will be able to find you and ultimately increases the amount of revenue your company can make! In this post, I'll break down how local SEO works and show you some best practices to help boost your rankings on Google.

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Answers to Your Questions:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art of optimizing your site to rank higher in search engine results. The goal of SEO is to generate lot’s of high-quality traffic to your site.

What goes into SEO?

To rank at the top of Google all of your gears need to be in line. The invisible HTML code on your website must properly convey the purpose of the site to Google so that it can correctly categorize it. Your website needs to load quickly on desktops, but especially on mobile devices. The quality and volume of the written content on your website also plays a huge role in search rankings. Another important factor of SEO is off-page SEO which involves getting “backlinks” or virtual referrals to your business. These referrals tell Google that your business is credible and trusted by many people.

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is the most common type of online advertising. It includes Facebook ads, Google search ads, YouTube discovery ads, and more.

How do you optimize a PPC Campaign?

Google PPC search algorithm determines the cost per click based on many factors, but the most important of these includes: page load speed, page relevancy, ad click-through-rate, among others. We optimize the relevancy using methods such as adding dynamic text content that changes based on what the visitor is looking for. We optimize click-through-rate using web scraping and machine learning to determine the best titles, images, etc.

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